The Distribution Sub-stations are located in areas of high population for further distribution of electrical power at 11KV for short distances. At the consumer’s destination this voltage is further brought down to 415V/230V via Distribution Transformers. AlphaTND has completed many distribution projects and some are still under execution in West African countries.

The various types of Equipment used in these Sub-stations are as follows:

Primary Equipment

  • High and Medium Voltage Circuit-breakers (330/161/132/33KV)
  • High and Medium Voltage Isolator Switches (330/161/132/33KV)
  • High and Medium Voltage Power Transformers (2.5 MVA to 300 MVA)

Secondary Equipment

  • Control and Protection Relay Panels for Circuit-breakers, Isolators and Power Transformers
  • Auxiliary Equipment such as Earthing and Station Supply Transformers, Battery Banks, Battery Chargers, Annunciators and Alarm Panels, Communication Consoles (PLCC/OFC) etc

Distribution Transformers

  • 33KV or 11/0.415KV in various power capacities from 15KVA to 2500KVA

Power Factor Correction Equipment

  • Shunt Reactors
  • Power Factor Improvement Capacitor Banks and Controllers

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