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Alpha TND provides various premium products and services to its clients in power sector. Alpha TND provides various premium products and services to its clients in power sector. Alpha TND provides various premium products and services to its clients in power sector.


Renewal Generation - Solar

AlphaTND has a large and growing green foot print in India as well as Ghana. With our several Mega Watts owned Solar Farms and ever growing installations we illustrate a very strong proof of our Intent and Vision of becoming Most Valued Energy EPC Company.


Power Transmission

AlphaTND is a leading EPC contractor for transmission projects and have completed many challenging projects in West Africa. Transmission and Distribution Sub-stations are important nodal points in the distribution of power to various geographical zones and areas of Electrical Network.


Power Distribution

The Distribution Sub-stations are located in areas of high population for further distribution of electrical power at 11KV for short distances. At the consumer’s destination this voltage is further brought down to 415V/230V via Distribution Transformers.


Manufacturing Energy Meters

Started State-of-the-art Manufacturing facility at Ghana in 2014. 600,000 Per Annum capacity which can be scaled up to 1.2Million PA. Present Production Capacity : 30,000 meters per shift per day. One of the Best Metering Facility in West Africa.


Manufacturing HT & LT Metering Panels

We have HT & LT metering panels like 33kv /11kV HT metering Panel and 415V LT Metering Panel


Meter testing Equipment

Portable Meter Test System: We offer a series of Reference Meters which meet a variety of requirements. Primarily they are used for testing of meter installations on-site with accuracy classes from 0.2 up to 0.02.


Distribution Transformers

A distribution transformer or service transformer is a transformer that provides the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, stepping down the voltage used in the distribution lines to the level used by the customer.


Handheld Computers/ CMRI

Common Meter Reading Instrument (CMRI) is a hand held computer used to download data from electronic tri-vector meters, supporting different protocols like IEC, ANSI and PACT. CMRI is also compliant to DLMS (IEC-62056) standard.


Metering & Distribution Equipment - Energy Meters

We provide World Class Products and Solutions for demanding need of Power Distribution Companies. Our key products are High Accuracy Metering, Meter Data Management Services, Revenue Protection Services, Tamper/ Theft Analysis, Loss calculation/ Reduction Services etc.



AlphaTND has introduced new brightness in the Retail Market for FMEG in West Africa. From long lasting energy efficient lighting to educating people on lumen value , from energy efficiency in fans to safety aspects in wire… all this knowledge is imparted to make consumers aware of the value they should expect.


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